Favourite Podcasts for Wellbeing

Favourite Podcasts for Wellbeing

As it’s mental health awareness week I wanted to share my personal favourite podcasts on the theme of health and wellbeing. I have panic attack disorder and generalised anxiety disorder, and it took me a long time to get to a good place with my mental health which I can confidently say I am in now. But I had to do a lot of unlearning and new learning around health. These podcasts help me to stay in check with my wellbeing, wether thats by education, mindfullness or listeneing to others peoples stories.

Feel Better. Live More. with Dr Chatterjee

This is a faily new podcast that burst onto the podcast scene with popularity. People in the UK with recngise Dr Chatterjee’s voice, hes a doctor that wants to siplify health. He isn’t afraid of discussing the issues around mediciene, and wants to change the way we think about illness.  One of my favourites episode is episode 1 on gut health, ive experienced tremendeous problems with gut health in the past and it’s one of the first things to go with I’m having an anxiety attack, but I will spare you the details. This podcast does a great job being really informative but in a really bitesizeable down to earth way.

Mad world – with Bryony Gordon

Another one that burts on the podcasts charts right from the start, and with the first epsiode with guest Prince Harry it was no surprise it did so well. Bryony has interviewed such a range of people from all kinds of amazing careers and talks about mental health. She has this amazing personality that you just fall in love with and her guests do too. She has a talent for getting to the deep rawness about mental health and then making you laugh your tears away the next second. One of my favourite episodes is Frank Bruno’s it’s not often you hear a male boxer talking about mental health, so I was completly glued when this came on. I even listened to it twice because his voice was so nice in my ears. Other faves include the one with Stephen Fry and Former NHS Mental Health Director Mandy Stevens.

Mentally yours

I can’t remember how many times I’ve share this podcast with people I know, but it’s been a LOT. Each episode writers Yvette Caster and Ellen Scott talk about mental health with a guest with a particular focus. So it’s really easy to find one specific to an issues, I personally have listened to the self-harm episode erm about a million times. But it’s such a good resource to share when you feel like you can’t find the words to describe whats going on. Everyone and anyone should listen to this podcast, so we can better understand our family, our neibors and ourselves. I learn so much with this podcast about other issues that aren’t just anxiety realied and I think thats so important.

Homo sapiens

We all know that there are correlations between the LGBTQ+ community and mental health, weather thats because of bullying, homophobia, the pressure of keeping secrets or being ostrasized from family and community. The reason why this podcast is here in this list is because mental health and wellbeing isn’t to straight forward (no pun intented) it’s complicated and complex and can be because of a magnitude of different reasons. Will Young and Matt Heig have me totally hooked form their first episode, it’s funny, it’s imforative and it really feels like two good friends having a chat. They mainly talk about LGBTQ+ issues but they allways touch on the relashionship with the community and mental health in a very real but positive and unshamful way and I love it. I have laughed and cried, all whilst being on public transport.

Meditation minis with Chel Hamilton

To end this list, I’ve added a meditaiton podcast. When I first started getting into mediation, I would listen to this podcast everyday. I now have a subrcription to headspace as I’m a mediation bawse, but if your looking to get started this was a great free rescourse. As soon as I hear her voice, I am in a zen state, even her adverts are relaxing. I sometimes put this on as I’m getting ready to go to bed, moisturising my face or brushing my teeth is a totally different experience when this is on in the background.


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