Favourites from the Web – April

Favourites from the Web – April



Magazine – Oh Comely

I was gifted this in April, and it was such a joy to read. I particularly loved the interview with Scarlet Curtis someone I’ve been following on instagram for a while now, she in the co-founder of Pink protest and is an amazing activist fighting for change. I also loved an article titles “Romancing yourself” and it inspired me to plan a date for myself and I had the best time.


Article – How to Approach Mental Health at work by Rachel Orr for The Lilly

I had the absolute pleasure of working with Rachel at the Lily again, for an incredible topic very close to my heart, Mental Health. I was asked to illustrate the newsletter and I’m so happy with how it turned out, it looks banging! I must have re-read this about 8 times now, which just goes to show how well written it is whilst being informative and really connecting with the reader.


Podcast – The Sunday Social with Lucy Moon

A few years ago Liv Dawson realeased her first track called Tapestry when she was 17 and I loved it! So I was so excited to see she was on Lucy Moons long form podcast style youtube video. The Sunday Social is where Lucy Moon invites a special guest into her kitchen and just chat, about work, creativitiy, balancing it all and the challenges. Other favourites include

Youtube – Aubrey Plaza Explores ASMR

I’m not an ASMR expert but when this video came out on my youtube recommended section, I was obsessed. I listened to it every night for most of April (which is funny if you watched Parks and Rec). It’s so relaxing but also hilarious, you have to listen to it with headphones on.

TV – Kiss me First on Chanel 4

This series is unlike anything I’ve ever seen before, with virtual reality becoming an actual reality, this show explores the complexieties of living offline and in digititized world. It’s fascinting, so well executed, gritty, fun and mysterious.


Music – Livid by Eliza

I’ve been banging on about Eliza’s new independent music, this ultra sexy song “Livid” got just an equally  sexy music video. Directed by Eliza herself this video is a work of art and goes hand in hand with the smoothly seductive and track. It’s so exciting to see artists continue to grow and I’m in love with this new direction Eliza is going in.


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