Favourites from the Web – November

Favourites from the Web – November

Website  РGal Cal

Made by my friend Emma has made Gal Cal, the one stop shop for all the cool feminist events you want to go to but didn’t know about. We’ve all been there when we plan to go to an event in a few weeks, we forget about it and then see it all over the socials and think “Oh no I was ment to go to that and I forgot!”. Well with Gal Cal, everything is all in one place, so you know where to go. Also if you can’t make an event because you have to work late or you just need that self care night in with a glass of wine and a sheet mask, Gal Cal also have a conversations section, and you can read about that event you wanted to go to from the comfort of your sofa. So exciting to see this website launch and can’t wait for the 2019 events. Thanks Emma we love it!


AUDIOBOOK – Slay in your lane

Slay in your lane in the black girl bible to navigate your personal and professional lives with wisdom and encouragement. I listened to the audiobook, which is one of the best edited and produced audiobooks I’ve ever written. I’m going to say it….. this is the best book I’ve consumed of 2018, top favourite of mine. It’s so well researched but the way it’s produced still makes it conversational, captivating and easily digestible. Audiobooks can be a real hit and miss, because if the voice is too monotone, I cannot get through it. But I loved listening to Elizabeth and Yomi’s voices, while drawing. Top recommendation!


FUNDING – For The Lives Of All Women

My girls at Break the Habit press, have a crowding funding campaign for their book For the Lives of All Women. “For over two years Camila Cavalcante travelled around Brazil, meeting women who have had, or have been witness to, illegal abortions. She photographed them with their identities protected and heard their stories. Now it is time to share these with you and the world in this powerful book.” Such an amazing book, theres lots of amazing goodies as well including tees and totes. No doubt this book will be incredibly put together and do well, so grab some goodies and support a great project.


VIDEO – Beauty In Craft Episode – Touch Yourself – Nice & Serious

As a women in the creative industry, the topic of equality within my industry is of interest to me. With women filling up to 70% of design courses in the UK but only seeing 30% of employment after uni and 11% of women in leadership roles, the creative industry still has a lot of work to do. Nice and Serious are one of those agencies that have been doing the hard work, you can read more about that here. This video goes behind one of their award winning campaign for the Touch Yourself to promote self breast examination to check for breast cancer signs. See the boobie video here.



TV – Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

I demolished this series in like a week, after the book launch, I sat for a whole day on my sofa with some good snacks and binged it all. It was the right amount of scary for me, and I also really loved the comedy. The only criticism I have is that I think Sabrina is probably the weakest character, It’s not stranger things as in up there for me, but I really did enjoy it, and always wanted to know what was going to happen next which for something with a really short attention span, thats saying something.


MUSIC – Empress Of – I don’t even smoke weed

Empress Of is one of my favourite artists of all time, her first album Me, I will never ever get board of. When she released her new album at the end of October I was so busy with the book I didn’t have time, but come November It’s all I’ve been listening to. Like most second albums, it’s not as strong as the first because the first album is always going to be years and years of everything, and the second is a quicker turn around. But still this album is so good! This is one of my favourite tracks of the album, it may not be the coolest title but I really love the boldness of it and hopefully it will make not smoking weed cool, because it is.

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