I just want to make stuff.

It all began with a Myspace page, my Mum, and a passion for music. Being on Myspace wasn’t like Facebook, the ability to control every inch of your profile turned me into a control freak (but I like to call it attention to detail). My mum is from Chile, in South America, she was just a teenager when the 16 year long dictatorship began. This made me very aware of struggle and corruption in the world. Knowing I had a voice within visual language, soon enough I started designing logos and posters for the local music scene.

At my time studying Graphic Design at Amersham & Wycombe college I fell in love with typography and layout.

In 2011, I moved from Buckinghamshire to Sheffield, to study a Graphic Design BA, where I’ve explored, poked and pushed the boundaries of my creativity. I think of myself as a multi-disciplined designer, a creative thinker, and much more than a service provider. I consider myself an ethically aware designer, involving myself in the community and trying to make a positive impact on the world helps me achieve this.

I’m highly interested to get involved with new projects and collaboration opportunities, so please feel free to get in touch.

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