Period. Written & Illustrated by Natalie Byrne
Period. is everything you need to know about periods. PERIOD. Period. is a book for everyone – children and adults, mums and dads, womb-owners and ex-womb-owners. Overflowing with practical tips and advice, from what a period actually is to who does and who doesn’t have them, this inclusive book is a myth-busting must-read. There is no beating around the bush in this funny and informative book written and illustrated by Natalie Byrne. “I’ve decided to use my skills as a creative to fight against period stigma and menstrual shame and make the book we all wish we’d had as a young people.” – Natalie Byrne. Ten percent of net profits for each book sold will be donated to Bloody Good Period, an organisation providing menstrual supplies to asylum seekers, refugees and those who can’t afford them. The book launched at Waterstones Tottenham Court Road, in November 2018, and has since grabbed the attention of BBC Womens hour and The Huffington Post. Click here to see press about the book.

“With absolutely gorgeous illustrations throughout, and inclusivity and positivity as a running theme, this book is a dream. At 24 I still learnt a few things, and I’d have no reservations at all about giving this to my ten-year-old daughter” Alex

“it’s illustrated beautiful and genuinely hugely illuminating” The Tung Magazine

“it’s just so good, it’s so in-depth and goes into so much detail ” Ella Woods

“It’s such a gorgeous and revolutionary book!” Sara Veal

“I don’t even feel wired reading this. This is fun” Sam (a man)

“I just love it, it’s so beautiful and so well made, the illustrations are so unapologetic and full of so much warmth” – Gina Martin

“it is goooooorgeous” – Hannah Witton




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